Mushroom Garden

Sometimes, the company of other humans was just too much for her.

The scratch of voices too rough,

the bustling energy too warm.

The expectations, too unpredictable.

Sometimes, she just wanted to get away from it all,

the competition and silent resentment.

And so, she did.


She packed up her potions, her bubbling cauldrons,

her baskets of herbs and plants.

She put corks in the vials and walked down the aisles and aisles

of books, waiting to be tied up with string.


Her cloaks went in one box, her hats in another,

her shoes all bundled up.

And last, but not least, her mushroom garden,

carefully nurtured and loved.


She put on her hat, vibrant and red,

tied ribbon under her chin.

Klulo the toad hopped on her head,

and together they set off for spring.


Away from the village, and deep in the forest,

the trees watched with interest.

The animals tittered and the wind whispered,

Klulo croaked from his perch.


They walked on and on, until a stream emerged,

running away from the hills.

It giggled and wriggled from the grasp of the banks,

waving hello as it passed.


And it was there that they settled, atop moss and soil,

hugging the earth close.

It smiled at them and welcomed them home,

like the sun sinking down the horizon.

Inspired by this art.

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